19 January 2021

Valentines Red Rose Information 2021



Dear Valued Customer,
With there being one month until Valentines, we are now able to provide accurate information and price details regarding red roses for this year, via the web shop Valentines pre order section.
We are able to provide estimated prices for all Dutch grown roses; these will be bought on the auction the day before they are required in Bristol. Krijn also remains in conversation with growers directly to ensure we can provide you with the very best price/quality combination.
Imported Freedom red rose reliability, exceptional vase life and reputation have all significantly improved in recent years and now offer a very good and reliable alternative to the traditional Dutch red rose.  We will be pre ordering a significant quantity at an agreed price for all lengths; therefore these will be available at a guaranteed price for all orders placed by noon on Friday 5th February 2021. These orders will be processed on a first come, first served basis according to the entry date in to our pre order list.
Following the UK’s departure from the EU all cut flower purchases in Holland for next day must be finalised and the various paperwork submitted to our customs agents by 10am (UK time). Delays to this process will impact upon our lorries progress at the port/border later that evening and ultimately affect their arrival time in to Bristol. We must stress the importance of ensuring you place any known requirements in to the Valentines red rose order list in advance. Whilst we hope to have surplus stock we cannot provide any guarantee there will be red roses online in the days leading up to 14th February 2021.
Whilst we will put the popular options online to pre order, there is an array of various other varieties at differing lengths and prices. If you cannot see an option that fits your desired price/length/look we would ask that you contact us and we will then be able to advise on an individual basis alternative options that may suit.
In keeping with previous years, we will again request that all orders are placed via the Valentines red rose pre order list, accessible through the web shop. This is a clear and proven method that we have used for previous years Valentines red rose orders and now for all general cut flower pre orders.
Upon logging in, please navigate to the pre order section (parcel icon) and select the relevant day you wish to order for. Upon logging out you will receive a confirmation email of the order you have placed and the date, changes can be made by logging back in and modifying the amounts you require within the shopping trolley, up to 48hr prior to the date ordered for.
In light of the current situation we are all working within, the team at Flowervision are working differing hours/shifts to ensure optimal efficiency and in differing roles, therefore should you have any questions I would kindly ask that you email flowers@flowervisionbristol.co.uk whereby a reply will be provided asap or alternatively should you wish to speak in person please direct your enquiry to Andrew or myself.
As ever, we will ensure we provide you with the very freshest, best quality roses regardless of the variety or date ordered for.
Assuring you of my best intentions at all times,

Nick Hudson

General Manager