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Flowervision Bristol



Flowervision (Bristol) Ltd are an independent wholesaler based on the Feeder Road, Bristol just minutes from the M32, Flowervision (Bristol) supplies fresh cut flower, plants and sundries, on a daily basis to florists from Cornwall to Worcester. Flowervision (Bristol) are also a part of the wider Flowervision group which has subsidiary companies in Birmingham, Lancashire, Norwich, London, Nottingham and Southampton, as well as in Paris and Germany.


Although all independently owned, the Flowervision group has a unique relationship and very close links with ‘van Duyvenvoorde’ who are the groups Dutch exporting partners based at the Flora Holland flower auction in Aalsmeer. Between van Duyvenvoorde and the Flowervision group a fleet of refrigerated lorries are owned and operated making the daily trip from auction to each cash and carry with supplies of fresh cut flower, pot and outdoor plants – if an auction is operating a fresh delivery will be incoming to Bristol!


Flowervision (Bristol) Ltd prides itself in supplying the freshest and best quality cut flower and plants alongside a vast range of sundries. In addition Flowervision (Bristol) offer a level of customer service that is unrivalled with staff that have a number of years’ experience and knowledge within the flower trade. Dedicated teams work within each of the flower, plant and sundries departments alongside a specialist wedding/pre order team.


Whether buying online through our web shop or mobile app whereby orders can be placed as late as 10pm for the following morning from our incoming stock, pre ordered in advance or by visiting the cash and carry, Flowervision (Bristol) offer the FLORIST TRADE ONLY a comprehensive service.


All new customers are required to register in advance before being able to browse the vast selection of stock to ensure the strict FLORIST TRADE ONLY policy is enforced. After successfully registering, new customers are invited to the cash and carry for a tour of our premises (of which we are extremely proud of) as this provides a good opportunity to meet the various staff members as well as gaining a good understanding of how we operate to ensure you can maximise what Flowervision (Bristol) can offer you/your business.