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An Insight Into What Causes Delays to Your Orders


After the long delays we experienced on 17th May, we just wanted to share an update with you so you have a better understanding as to why delays can occur and offer guidance as to how you can minimise the impact to you and your business. We operate a very complex business that relies on lots of factors to run smoothly and some are totally out of our control. So for both us as a business and you as our customers, we all need to be prepared that delays like this may unfortunately crop up again in the future and with the various “issues” the world is battling currently, delays are much more likely to occur than ever before.


Although we do everything we can to make up for any lost time in our supply chain, there are a number of challenges we face on a day to day basis that can impact what time our fresh stock arrives. Here is an insight into our predominant challenges…


1. Days of the Week!
We are busy every day of the week, but some are much busier than others. Monday’s are the busiest day at the auction in Holland as it is the first day after the weekend they operate – this then makes Tuesday’s our busiest day at the cash & carry in Bristol where we receive lots of fresh stock and a large number of orders.


2. The Auction!
Like every business during the Covid-19 pandemic, the auction had to adapt its ways of working. Their new processes are slightly different now and they still haven’t got them operating as smoothly as they would like or need. And like a lot of industries, they are also facing labour shortages.


3. The Euro Tunnel!
The tunnel is busier than ever at the moment due to the intermittent P&O Ferry services. Throw Brexit into the mix, which has created a much longer customs process for importing fresh stock and you’ve got yourselves plenty of unpredictable delays!


4. Lorry Departure Deadlines!
Our buying team in Holland purchase from three separate auction sites to fulfil orders, so any delays getting the flowers and plants from the auctions to our lorry before the departure deadline can mean some items might get left behind as there comes a time when the lorry just has to leave.


5. Traffic!
Ahh the good old M25…love it or hate it, this is the quickest route (when it’s running smoothly!) for our lorry drivers to take once they reach the UK and we all know how unpredictable traffic can be! Additional to this, Highways England often carry out a lot of motorway maintenance overnight so any diversion through A-roads adds further delays.


It was unfortunate that yesterday we experienced many of these scenarios in one day, which caused long delays to your deliveries and for the cash & carry being ready to open fully. But we do hope this gives you an insight into some of the challenges we face day to day. If we are experiencing delays, we always communicate this as early as possible through our WhatsApp groups, email and social media. If you do not receive any of our updates please let us know ASAP so we can add you to the relevant WhatsApp or email group.


We also understand like with most fresh industries, that the florist trade is a very fast paced environment and last minute requests and changes can have a knock on effect, but we urge customers to try and pre-plan as much as you possibly can and be realistic when it comes to time sensitive orders and the need for early deliveries.


Thank you as ever for your continued and loyal support – we couldn’t do what we do without our customers and please rest assured that we are more determined than ever to keep working hard, improving our systems and processes so our business can continue to offer fresh stock next day to our valued customers – something that is not matched in our trade and we are very proud to have built our business this way.


Kind regards,
Nick Hudson
Director & General Manager