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Christmas Operating Schedule 2021


The Cash & Carry operating schedule for Christmas 2021 is as follows. Delivery customers will be contacted separately regarding available deliveries over this period:


Wednesday 22nd December 2021 – 5am – 11am (Operating as usual)

Thursday 23rd December – 5am – 11am (Operating as usual)

Friday 24th December – 5am – 8.30am (PRE ORDERS ONLY)

Saturday 25th December – CLOSED

Sunday 26th December – CLOSED


Monday 27th Decemember – CLOSED (Auction operating in Holland)

Tuesday 28th December – CLOSED (Auction operating in Holland)

Wednesday 29th December – 5am – 8.30am

Thursday 30th December – 5am – 8.30am

Friday 31st December – 5am – 8.30am (No auction operating in Holland)

Saturday 1st January  – CLOSED

Sunday 2nd January – CLOSED


Monday 3rd January – CLOSED (Auction operating in Holland)

Tuesday 4th January – 5am – 11am (Resume to operating as usual)