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Dear Valued Customer,

As I’m sure many of you have noticed the flower industry, as with many others, are experiencing price hikes and disruptions in supply as we feel the impact of the last year.  We do hope that we are experiencing the end of the cycle but we wanted to give you an insight in to what is driving the demand and therefore pushing prices up. We do feel that demand could possibly ease slightly, but as you will appreciate, nothing is certain. With many of the following places in the world having an impact to our trade in some capacity, please see the below factors:

Columbia are experiencing large scale civil strikes, meaning growers cannot reach the airport. Chrysanths, garden roses (David Austin) and Carnations from Columbia are very limited. Supermarkets usually buy extensively from Columbia but are being forced to source these products in Holland.

Ecuador has had very cold weather for the last six weeks, they don’t heat their greenhouses resulting in low production levels. This creates more demand for Dutch and Kenya roses.

There is military conflict in Israel making it very dangerous to work in exposed/open areas, which is severely limiting the supply of summer flowers and the logistics of transporting from grower to airport.

South Africa
South Africa are really suffering the effects of Covid now, which means less workers in the greenhouses, compounded by the fact that it is also very difficult to get freight on to a plane as many countries do not except flights from South Africa at the moment.

With less airplanes in the air, means less space to ship, also quality issues with Kenya roses have been experience recently.

France also experienced a very cold spring a little like us here in the UK, which delayed peony production and ultimately quality.

Holland also experienced a very cold spring delaying production. Given that some growers did not invest in young plants because of uncertainty caused by Covid and subsequent lockdowns, production is down in general and weather conditions have not allowed any chance to catch up or for the summer crops to really start growing. Big buying purchases from the retail-supermarkets has pushed up demand.

To summarise, demand for fresh flowers and plants has been exceptionally high across Europe and indeed the world over the past few months during these uncertain times. This is also combined with mother’s day taking place in over 20 countries worldwide during the month of May, with Holland, USA, Australia and many others having had theirs last Sunday 9th and France next Sunday 30th May.

We are experiencing similar problems with sundries, raw materials are difficult to get hold of or slow to arrive at manufacturers, intern slowing down production and limiting supply. Recently we have experienced price rises in many categories including foam and candles.

We have also experienced many delays in replenishment because it has been difficult to move stock around the world due in part to the lack of shipping containers as they remain stranded around the world and the huge backlog created over the last year, combined with more recently the Suez Canal blockage. The massive rise in shipping costs has contributed to price rises with some companies deciding it is not viable to proceed with orders and therefore cancelling shipments altogether. We are by no means the only industry effected, notably one furniture company cancelled all of its customer orders as it became untenable and would have resulted in losses!

In the Cash and Carry
We have made some changes in the way we operate in the C&C to accommodate the growing demand for online ordering and also deliveries. As you know, we receive fresh flower and plant deliveries from the auction five days a week. Stock is processed in Holland (stock allocation/assortment/plant passports etc.), loaded onto our trucks and transported to us here in Bristol arriving usually around 11.30pm subject to customs delays.  To accommodate ordering picking and loading, our base here transforms from a C&C to a very efficient picking/packing hall, allowing us to process your orders and have them ready for you as early as possible.

Our C&C is open for shopping and order collections 6am- 10am but we are also available for collections only 5am-6am and 10am-11am. Our recently modified sundries department remains open until 11am for shopping daily!

The extra hour between 5am and 6am allows us to finish order picking and make the C&C ready for shopping and we close the C&C element of the business at 10am to give Krijn sufficient time to process and expedite the stock.

We are all looking forward the return of weddings and events but please do enter your requirements into the pre-order list, this is by far the most reliable and efficient way to order in advance. The pre-order list opens six days in advance and closes two days prior to delivery. If there is something you require that is not showing on the list please do email your enquiry, however, please note that if it is not on the list it may not be available.

Given the difficulties we have all faced over the last year, we are delighted that the general mood is buoyant and positive within the trade.

Please be assured that whilst certain products, items and varieties are in short supply we are still able to source and are adapting our buying accordingly to ensure we maintain the best level of supply and at the very best prices, BUT please plan any future requirements with the above in mind.

Kindest Regards
Tracy Rowbottom

Customer Liaison Officer